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"CLOSED" FL. GOV. EXECUTIVE ORDER # 20-72. Read Message Below

"CLOSED" FL. GOV. EXECUTIVE ORDER # 20-72. Read Message Below

"CLOSED" FL. GOV. EXECUTIVE ORDER # 20-72. Read Message Below"CLOSED" FL. GOV. EXECUTIVE ORDER # 20-72. Read Message Below

What should I expect from a Massage Therapy Session?



During your first session, your condition will be evaluated. We will assess through palpation as well as by using a series of range of motion tests in which we will be looking for your passive (we move the muscle groups for you), active (you move the muscles yourself), and resisted (you move the muscle against resistance) range of motion. We will check for contraindications to medical massage, assess your stage of healing, and formulate a plan of care. 

Sessions usually lasts about 50 minutes. During treatment, it’s ok to talk to your therapist about what you feel and your comfort level. Some clients describe sensations that are painful in a good way, but if you experience any pain that causes you discomfort, please tell your therapist right away.

At your first visit, you will fill out paperwork relating to your health history and areas of discomfort. Following the evaluation, you will start your treatment which may consist of regular massage, the application of hot or cold packs, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy (NMT), assisted stretching, muscle-energy techniques, strain-counter strain therapy, or other manual therapies. 

At the beginning of subsequent treatment sessions, you will fill out a simple update form to let us know your current symptoms and any changes you have noticed since the previous treatment.

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